Are you a travel blogger, or just someone who loves beaches, food, trekking activities, adventures, or even just a nature Instagrammer? Well, we are inviting you to have collaboration with us! It would be an achievement for your travel to be published on our travel blog site! It’s a prayer granted for you! We’ll be going to publish your travel experience on our blog site.  Well, there is nothing such pretty as traveling. You would see a new place for the first time or return to a favorite place. We know that there were many “Wow” in your travel adventures. We learn a lot from travel for it widens our mind in so many ways.This goal, (to blog with us) is to give chances for people to share their travel experiences and create an impact on people who want to travel. In traveling, you meet new people and share new experiences. We get to see how the world lives. This has been a very good journey with you to share your travel experiences with us.As our guests, of course, there would be some reminders and guidelines in posting your contents. Also, we’ll give you background on what we are looking for which are stated below (Not all sent emails will be posted unless it met the following guidelines)5  GUEST POSTS THAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR1. Should be more than interestingWe’re looking for amusing and entertaining travel adventures.  It would be of great help not only for our website, not only with your social media accounts to gain fame, but also in different tourist spots like restaurants, coffee shops, mountains, and many more to increase sales and for more public exposure.

2. Should be creative and logistic

  Creative and logistic is in our blog name for some reasons– we’re all about disseminating useful and interesting information. If you’re writing about a place, you should cover all of its angles, and not leave a lot of questions for our readers to search for elsewhere. If you’re telling us a story, it should include some tips and lessons that our readers can put to use. This is why most of our travel posts are pretty long.

3. Should encourage going with that destination

  Whether you’re writing about your hometown or your favorite vacation spot, by the end of the post, we need to go there as soon as possible. Tell us what makes it special, and convince us why we absolutely HAVE to visit that place.

4. Should be honest and fair

  If we found out that your pictures or the content you sent are not yours, or just a copy-pasted quick on Google search, it will not be posted and will be trashed. We’re looking for tips and information that you can only get by visiting a place. Don’t write about somewhere you haven’t been before. We don’t want the top 10 places everyone goes; we want the top 10 places nobody goes because they’ve never heard of them before. And the weirder those places, the better!

5. Should compose of competitive keywords.

  We can help with the keyword research, but it definitely helps if you have something in mind before you pitch to us. We’ll need to find a keyword that you can design your post around before you start writing.


1. Contains caption with at least 1,000 words. At the exposed minimum guideline, your post must be at least 1,000 words. Aim for 1,500+ words, if you love writing. We don’t write short posts here for it doesn’t convey the depth of information that our readers come to our site that they’re looking for. So beef your post up and get wordy.

2. No more than 5 links to your site. Feel free to sprinkle your 5 links wherever you like to reap the SEO benefits of guest posting! We’re also happy to link to your social media accounts (e.g Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)

3. Include relevant links to other sites. If you list a business or attraction in your post, you should include link/s along with their website and physical address. You should provide the most relevant information.

4. Photos must be in high resolution and edited. We love the high resolution and edited photos. Your including photos should match the content of your post and be visually eye-catching and spectacular.

5. A brief description of yourself. Our readers want to be introduced to you before they drop into your astounding posts, so give them a little description of yourself with some context about who you are! Feel free to plug your social media in here as well.

(Please be advised that we will try to limit edits to your post as much as possible, but we reserve the right to make changes to fit the content or narrative flow of your post to probably shape our site. Whenever possible, we will ask you for edits before we make our own changes. We also reserve the right to add affiliate links.)

So, what are you waiting for? Just fill up the form below. We are so happy serving you! Best luck to you, and have fun!


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